Associate attorney Paul L. Jamain has been practicing in workers’ compensation law since 2012 and has been with Schaff & Young since 2013. He takes great pride in working at a firm with such skill and accomplishments, as this puts them in a strong position to resolve even the most complex workers’ comp cases.

Education plays a large role in attorney Jamain’s practice. His father, a teacher, taught him the value of providing information in order for others to make informed choices. As a result, attorney Jamain takes time to educate his clients about the full workers’ compensation defense process, ranging from the order of events to what the clients will face as claims progress.

Additionally, attorney Jamain gives his clients the time they need to fully tell their story. That allows him to gain a full and complete understanding of the clients’ businesses and the facts about each claim. He applies what he learns to his workers’ compensation defense work, strategically approaching either settlement or litigation—whichever is in each client’s best interest.